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Publisher: FedOA - Federico II University Press

Series: Phármakon

Editor in chief: Roberto Colonna

International scientific board: prof. Ettore Novellino (Dipartimento di Farmacia, Università Federico II, Napoli), prof. Romano Silvestri (Dipartimento di Chimica e tecnologie del farmaco, Università La Sapienza, Roma), prof. Federico Da Settimo Passetti (Dipartimento di Farmacia, Università di Pisa), prof. Kessle Horst (Institute for Advanced Study, TU München (DO), prof. Zoe Waller (School of Pharmacy, University of East Anglia, Norwich (UK), Udaya Kiran Marelli (Central NMR FacilityCSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Maharashtra (IND), Gorka Basañez (Biofisika, Biofisika, Basque Centre for Biophysics (ES), Marianna Yakubovskaya (Department of Chemical Carcinogenesis, Blokhin Cancer Research Center, Moscow, RUS), prof. Vittorio Limongelli (Institute of Computational Science, Università della Svizzera Italiana (CH), prof. Maurizio Botta (Dipartimento Biotecnologie chimica e farmacia, Università di Siena), prof.ssa Claudia Martini (Dipartimento di Farmacia, Università di Pisa), prof.ssa Luciana Marinelli (Dipartimento di Farmacia, Università Federico II, Napoli), (Dipartimento di Farmacia, Università Federico II, Napoli), Sandro Cosconati (Dipartimento di Scienze e tecnologie ambientali, biologiche e farmaceutiche, Università della Campania, Luigi Vanvitelli),  prof.sssa Enrica Menditto (Dipartimento di Farmacia, Università Federico II, Napoli), prof.ssa Valentina Orlando  (Dipartimento di Farmacia, Università Federico II, Napoli)

Editorial board: Ilario Sepe

Topic and Contents of the Book Series: Phármakon is a series that will examine all aspects that characterize the pharmaceutical sciences, from pharmaceutical chemistry to the nutraceutics, from the toxicology to the pharmacoeconomics. The aim of the series, indeed, is to publish essays, monographs or manuals texts that can become a knowledge and reflection tool for those who study and work in the pharmaceutical sector. In this perspective, the ideal reader of these books is not only the specialist, but also the student. Phármakon is promoted by the Department of Pharmacy, University of Naples Federico II, and the Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca in Farmacoeconomia e Farmacoutilizzazione (C.I.R.F.F.). 

Peer review process: Phármakon uses double-blind peer review which means that, throughout the review process, author’s identity is hidden to the reviewers, and vice versa. The Director and the Scientific Committee are responsible for the refereeing process. Each text submitted for publication will be valued solely on the base of content, without discrimination of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnic origin, nationality, political orientation of the authors or their academic affiliation. 

Languages: Italian/English.

Author Guideline: The Chicago Manual of Style (author-date systems). Manuscripts should be submitted in Word format (.doc, .docx). The body of the text should be single-spaced and justified, using Garamond font in 12-point size.

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Cover for Opioid and Cannabis in Pain Control
Opioid and Cannabis in Pain Control
Ettore Novellino, Arturo Cuomo, Agnese Miro, Enrica Menditto, Valentina Orlando, Francesca Guerriero, Roberto Colonna, Vincenzo Iadevaia
January 30, 2018
Cover for Pharmaceutical chemistry: Lectures by prof. Ettore Novellino
Pharmaceutical chemistry: Lectures by prof. Ettore Novellino
Ettore Novellino; Roberto Colonna, Francesca Aiardo Esposito, Mariapaola Camera, Ilario Sepe (Editor)
September 18, 2017