Pharmaceutical chemistry: Lectures by prof. Ettore Novellino


Ettore Novellino, University of Naples “Federico II”; Roberto Colonna; Francesca Aiardo Esposito; Mariapaola Camera; Ilario Sepe



Publisher: FedOA - Federico II University Press. 

Series: Phármakon.

Pages: 767. 

Language: Italian.


Abstract: For thousands of years, pharmacological knowledge coming from natural remedies, has been handed down from generation to generation, without any awareness of the ways in which preparations are made to face diseases. The advent of pharmaceutical chemistry and of the modern drug industry turned that lack of awareness into a scientific knowledge that changed the destiny of the human race. The twenty-eight chapters of this book, are taken from the lectures held by Professor Ettore Novellino every year in his course “Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Toxicology 2”. The first chapters address the basic notions of drugs, homeostasis, pharmacopoeia, and receptor; then, the different pharmaceutical classes are introduced by analyzing their pharmacological and chemical aspects. In particular, the structural study of the interaction between drugs and receptors or biological enzymes gives the fundamentals to connect the chemical and stereochemical properties of a compound family, with the biological activity, a correlation better known as Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR). Several examples of the synthesis of some of the most historically renown drugs, provided at the end of each chapter, integrate the book.



Author Biographies

Ettore Novellino, University of Naples “Federico II”

He is full professor of Pharmaceutical and Toxicology Chemistry, Director of the Pharmacy Department of the University of Naples Federico II and President of the National Conference of Pharmacy Department Managers. In 2004 Novellino founded the “Centro Interdipartimentale di ricerca in Farmacoeconomia e Farmacoutilizzazione” (CIRFF). His scientific production, which boasts over six hundred works published in major international journal, focuses, in particular, on computational chemistry applied to drug design and nutraceutical.


Roberto Colonna

He is editor, responsible for several scientific journals. He has been focusing on writing  pharmaceutical books and manuals since 2014. He has a large number of publications on both Italian and international journals.

Francesca Aiardo Esposito

She is a sell-out consultant for Manetti & Roberts. She has written several articles on “Medication Errors”, i.e. unintentional errors in prescribing, dispensing, administering or monitoring drugs, regardless of the adverse consequences.

Mariapaola Camera

She won a research grant in Cosmetovigilance at the Pharmacy Department of Naples. She is also interested in the Pre-clinical and clinical development of drugs and their post-marketing monitoring. Currently, she’s working at the pharmaceutical company MSD Italia Ltd as a drug safety specialist.

Ilario Sepe

He deals with Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology at the Department of Pharmacy in Naples. His main object of study is the optimization of mesoporous silicon supports, aimed at achieving biosensing measures through oligonucleotide and G-quadruplex functionalizations.

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September 18, 2017

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