Remarks on the concept of object of psychology


Richard Avenarius
Universität Zürich
Chiara Russo Krauss
University of Naples Federico II



Publisher: FedOA Press (Federico II University Press).

Series: School of Human and Social Sciences. Working Papers.

Pages: 120.

Language: Italian.


Abstract: Remarks on the concept of object of psychology is Richard Avenarius last work and it represents his attempt to establish the fledgling scientific, physiological, experimental psychology on rigorous philosophical basis. With this work the founder of the so-called Empiriocriticism participates to the wide debate on the definition of psychology, along with notable personalities of the time, such as Wilhelm Wundt, Ernst Mach, Oswald Külpe, Hermann Ebbinghaus, Hugo Münsterberg and Edward B. Titchener.

Author Biographies

Richard Avenarius, Universität Zürich

He was a German-Swiss philosopher (1843-1896), who formulated the doctrine of  "empirical criticism" or empirio-criticism.

Chiara Russo Krauss, University of Naples Federico II

She is researcher in history of philosophy at the Department of Humanities of Federico II University in Naples. She is principal investigator for SIR project “Scientific Philosophy: Avenarius, Petzoldt and the Berlin Group”. Her previous works – the monograph The System of Pure Experience (2013) and the Italian translation of Der menschliche Weltbegriff (2015) – focused on Richard Avenarius’ Empiriocriticism. She also investigated the philosophical problems connected to the development of scientific psychology in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century (With Wundt, beyond Wundt, 2016).

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November 7, 2017

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