Alethia: Precatio and first book. Introduction, Latin text, translation and commentary


Claudio Mario Vittorio



Publisher: ClioPress. Editoria digitale per la didattica e la ricerca storica.

Pages: 416.

Language: Italian; Latin


Abstract: In the context of Christian paraphrastic poetry, the Claudio Mario Vittorio’s Alethia is a significant example of the synthesis between the classical and the Christian world during the Late antiquity. The work, probably composed in the first half of the 5th century, is a hexametric rewrite in three books, preceded by a Precatio, of the first 19 chapters of Genesis book, from the creation of the world to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. This essay offers to the reader the translation and commentary of the Precatio and the first book of the poem. It aims to highlight the complex cultural plot of the text and, at the same time, analysing, with a predominantly intertextual approach, the paraphrasing procedures adopted by Claudio Mario Vittorio in the verse of biblical narrative. Moreover, the volume aims to give a proper account of a paraphrastic poem that deals in an admirable manner sacred history, biblical exegesis and tradition.





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Author Biographies

Claudio Mario Vittorio

Claudius Marius Victorius (or Victorinus or Victor) was a rhetor and poet of the fifth century CE.

Alessia D'Auria

Isabella D'Auria is a PhD (University of Naples Federico II) in Classical, Christian and Medieval-Humanistic Philology, in both Greek and Latin language. She was research fellow (assegnista di ricerca) at the University of Naples in the context of the project The perception of space and time in the transmission of collective identities (I-VI century AD), FIRB Future in Research programme (2012). His scientific interests relate to ancient Christian poetry and the hagiographic production of the IV-VI centuries. In addition to the research on Claudio Mario Vittorio, Isabella D'Auria studied the Roman prosopopoeial in the Prudientius’ Contra Symmachum and the portrait of the heretic in Vita Fulgentii 6.

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April 28, 2017

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