Xenia for Roberto Pettorino


Roberto Delle Donne
University of Naples Federico II
Sergio Bagnulo
University of Naples Federico II
Rodolfo Figari
University of Naples Federico II



Publisher: FedOA Press (Federico II Open Access University Press).

Pages: 20.

Language: Italian.


Abstract: Roberto Pettorino was born in Naples on April 24, 1946. After graduating in Physics at the University of Naples Federico II in 1970, he later pursued research at Stanford's SLAC and Geneva's CERN. He was Full Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Faculty of Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences at Federico II University, Dean of the Faculty from 2007 to 2012, President of the University Assessment Team since October 2012. Since the first Open Archive was created by Paul Ginsparg in 1991 at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL preprint archive, USA) for the elementary particle physics community, Roberto Pettorino was engaged in promoting Open Access. Since 2002, he had been delegated by the Rector of Naples Federico II for the libraries information services and member of the Scientific Technical Council of the Information Services Center; then he chaired the Permanent Commission for Libraries and Digital Resources. In 2002-2003 he promoted the development of the Digital Library of the University of Naples Federico II.

Here are some contributions, collected to celebrate Roberto Pettorino's memory on April 8, 2013 when the Library Center was officially named after him.


Author Biographies

Roberto Delle Donne, University of Naples Federico II

Professor in Medieval History, and History of Medieval Historiography at "Federico II" University in Naples, he is the Director of the CAB - Center for Libraries "Roberto Pettorino". His research interests are in History of late-medieval Institutions; Cultural History; History of Historiography; History and Information Technology.

Sergio Bagnulo, University of Naples Federico II

He has been Director of the Library of Sciences at the University of Naples Federico II.

Rodolfo Figari, University of Naples Federico II

He is Professor of Theoretical Physics, Mathematical Models and Methods at the University of Naples Federico II. He is a member of the managing board of CAB, the Federico II Library System.

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September 19, 2017

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