The D’Avalos Private Archive


Flavia Luise
Università di Napoli “Federico II”


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Abstract: The D’Avalos name evokes images of cruel battles and tragic love stories, reminds figures of great warlords and sophisticated ladies, nourishes the legend of fabulous riches and luxurious residences. The work of scholars who explored the thick forest of Innico and Alfonso D’Avalos descendants do not allow to completely outline the history of this family. The family’s private archive, inviolable guardian of their memories, where records related to the private sphere and official acts, such as pontifical papers and relations with the sovereigns, are kept is still inaccessible. The records of the notary Scotto di Santolo can be very useful, because they allowed the reconstruction of the wide archival heritage coming from the past, recorded along with other property of the family after the death, in 1862, of last heir of the primary branch, the Prince Alfonso D’Avalos. The transcription of the D’Avalos archive before the Italian unification that we present can avoid its definitive "burial".





L’Archivio privato d’Avalos

1. Il «seppellimento» dell’archivio ottocentesco

2. Il fondo archivistico


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Flavia Luise, Università di Napoli “Federico II”

Flavia Luise is associate professor of Early Modern History at the University of Naples Federico II. Her main research topics are the history of family and feudalism, the culture and the sociability in the eighteenth century, the circulation of books in the Kingdom of Naples during the Early Modern period. She published Librai-editori a Napoli nel XVIII secolo. Michele e Gabriele Stasi e il circolo filangieriano, Napoli, 2001, I d’Avalos. Una grande famiglia aristocratica a Napoli nel Settecento, Napoli, 2006. She ha salso edited the book Cultura Storica Antiquaria, politica e società in Italia nell’età moderna, Milano, 2012. 

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December 24, 2017

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